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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 28, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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respect that this young man had for his country. >> yes. she got her flag back. she's happy. jeremy is a good man and certainly the good stuff. >> all the good stuff because no one was trying to throw it away. >> that it is for us and michaela pereira will be pulling double duty. fun weekend ahead. we'll see you on monday. have a great time. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thanks a lot. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts right now. happening now in the "newsroom" high alert. >> we strongly recommend that they heed the warnings of the experts. >> evacuations ordered in california. flash floods, disastrous mudslides. six inches of rain in just hours. also, former ukrainian president breaking his silence as his country erupts.
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armed russian forces seizing control of the airport. fighter jets in position fears avenue cold war. >> i'm closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukraine jan border. >> the u.s. military telling cnn our warning time is cut to zero. plus now hiring. a new report out at a possible pilot shortage. new questions of safety this morning. and -- >> let's do this thing. >> obama and biden running in office. west wing, south portico," chariots of fire" anyone? you're live in the cnn "newsroom". ♪
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that was funny. good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. we start with serious news. ukraine ousted president in exile and on the attack minutes ago viktor yanukovych railed against the interim government that succeeded him and the radicals in western powers that he says toppled him. and those cold war things play out against an ominous backdrop. men with assault rifles sweep into two airports in crimea in southern ukraine. cnn fred is in moscow and joins us live with more. hi, fred. >> reporter: the big question right now is who those gunmen are that went into those two airports. some believe they are russian force some believe they are russian special forces. so far the russian government has not confirmed any of that. they are saying there are forces in the region and have a lot of bases in that part of the ukraine. are on alert. they say their anti-terror forces are on alert but haven't
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said who those gunmen are. at one of the airports in that region the gunmen are outside, they are controlling the scene but are not interrupting airport operations. so we'll continue to monitor that. at the same time as you said there's that press conference going on by the ousted president of ukraine, viktor yanukovych. he said that he still sees himself as the real leader of that country and he vowed to continue to fight. let's listen to what he had to say. >> translator: now is the time for me to say to you that i intend to continue the fight for the future of ukraine against those who would fear and with terror are attempting to replace the power and i decided to make a public statement about this. >> reporter: so he said he vows to come back to the ukraine however he didn't say when he plans on doing that.
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he said only he would do that when the security situation permits him. he did not say whether or not he wants to participate in any future alexandrias or how much leverage he still has in that country. the press conference is ongoing. we'll continue to monitor it. a lot of interesting stuff has come out especially him blaming western nations for allegedly starting the uprising against him. >> there are arrest warrants out for this man. he's in ukraine about 700 miles from russia so why isn't he being placed under arrest? >> reporter: well he's in russia right now that's the interesting thing. he fled to russia to a town in russia which is on the ukrainian border. very deploys crane. he described the odyssey that it took to get him there. he flew to eastern ukraine then southern ukraine and the only reason he's still alive today because he came under fire during that time was because an officer he said helped him in some way across the border. he didn't elaborate what that means. but you're right. there's an international arrest
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warrant out for viktor yanukovych at the same time he says he still sees himself as the legitimate president. what i've seen in the past couple of days in the east and in the south of ukraine where allegedly his support is the greatest because there's a lot of russians there is they dropped him as well. a lot of people say he's a traitor, he's a coward and while they don't like what's happening in kiev right now, the ukraine they don't support viktor yanukovych any more. russian forces are on the door step in ukraine and for america russian forces are in the neighborhood 90 miles from the southernmost tip of united states, a russian war ship has docked in havana, cuba, rekindling memories of the cold war. let's get the latest from cuba's capital. good morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, carol. as you would expect weapon systems that are much more intriguing and highly
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sophisticated equipment that can pick up intelligence, intercept communications. this is a spy ship as it's been called, the cuban and russian government not keeping its stay here in cuba a secret. it's a cruise ship terminal that area of havana is the most popular area within havana for tourists, an area crawling with international visitors. yesterday when we were filming we didn't have any problems filming around the ship. we were able to film all day long. we saw russian sailors getting off, restocking, getting supplies which include a lot of cuban beer and rum. this isn't a secret by any stretch of the imagination so if russia is trying to send american authorities a message they are not doing it with any subtlety at all. they want people to know this ship is here right off the coast of the united states. heavy rain threatening flash floods and mudslides in california across drought stricken communities. officials are urging residents
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to evacuate as of right now. people in the midwest and northeast are dealing with dangerous single digit wind chills. >> these miserable winters are continuing. that cold hair spreading to the northeast. 25 below average by the afternoon. yet another snowstorm still expect opened the way. the cold that won't let up just got even colder. across the midwest this was the scene, temperatures tumbling with wind chills to 30 below. in green bay, wisconsin a new record, 49 days below zero. in minnesota yesterday the cold turned deadly with frigid temperatures claiming the life of a 6-year-old girl who was found in the entrance of her apartment building wearing a coat, hat and muttens. >> we're developing a timeline when the child was last seen and how long the child was exposed to the elements. >> reporter: in detroit schools are closed as the national weather service says wind chills
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are expected to be 20 degrees below zero. forecasters says detroit has been hard hit with the motor city getting more than 79 inches of snow and more than a dozen days of below zero temperatures. in new york city this morning temperatures are already below zero with wind chill and they are expected to be a good 20 below average by the afternoon. all of this cold it's not going anywhere fast. it's here well into next week. carol this huge storm making headlines in the west the biggest rain storm they've seen in three years that will bring more misery to the northeast. this will track its way across the country and bring potential for heavy snow sunday night inneil diamond. who gets the bull's eye of heavy snow, the heaviest lines are in different places. one model says new york city could get six inches, another model says d.c. what's not a question mark this cold air this misery is expected to last another reinforcing burst of cold air expected to bring us below normal in through next week, carol. >> indra petersons, thanks so
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much. officials still don't know exactly how a radiation leak that contaminated 13 workers in new mexico started or just how bad it is according to our cnn affiliate. the radioactive leak at the waste isolation pilot plant started two weeks ago in southeastern new mexico. it stores low level nuclear waste deep below the ground. 13 people who got sick work above the ground. residents fear no one is telling them what's really going on. >> i don't think the people really know what's going on. it's always been very secretive. >> more workers are being tested. more than 180 workers are still on the job. officials say the radiation detected so far the one tenth of what someone would get from a chest x-ray. today we'll hear for the first time the 911 tapes from a political scandal that won't go away for new jersey governor chris christie. those tapes which were recorded
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during that massive traffic tie up on the george washington bridge were released by emergency officials in ft. lee, new jersey. cnn is going through the recordings right now. investigative correspondent joins us from washington. he's one of the guys going through those records. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. we have more than 20 hours of 911 tapes during that week where the bridge lanes were closed. remember ft. lee was hardest hit by those lane closures, two of the three lanes from ft. lee on to that bridge was closed. and that really made ems officials very concerned. at the time the ems coordinator there wrote a letter and said trips that should have taken a few minutes took more than three times that long. so these tapes are a real-time window into the havoc that this traffic jam was causing. if you remember there was a story of a 91-year-old woman who had a heart attack. the paramedics were caught in some of that gridlock. her daughter later said she
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didn't think the gridlock had anything to do with her mother's death but we might gate window in what that 911 call sounded like. cnn reviewed the accident records on the bridge during that time and we found there were about 61 accidents on or near the bridge and that's about average for the week. but when we talked to people involved in those accidents they all blamed the gridlock on the bridge for those accidents. so, we'll get a window into folks calling emergency services on those accidents, what were they saying in real-time, carol. >> all right. we'll let you get to it. twitter was aflutter last night with dazzling images of this one of a meteor shower lighting up the night ski. there were reports from pennsylvania to south carolina. most of the siting was in virginia, maryland and washington with sightings as far west as kentucky and ohio. a fireball alert.
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wow watch out below. a little over the top. beautiful pictures. gdp numbers out. the news ain't pretty. >> reporter: looking like the last quarter of last year gdp that's economic growth in the u.s. took a tick down. i'll have details coming up for you after this. when you order the works you want everything. an expert ford technician knows your car's health depends on a full, complete checkup. the works. because when it comes to feeling safe behind the wheel, going the distance and saving at the pump you want it all. get our multi-point inspection with a a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection and more for $29.95 or less. get a complete vehicle checkup. only at your ford dealer.
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check being our top stories at 15 minutes past the hour, underground explosions rocked downtown columbus, ohio overnight. crazy, right? thankfully no one was hurt.
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manhole covers were blown off damaging nearby buildings as flames and black smoke poured into the streets. local electric company said the blasts were caused by an equipment fire, power outages in the area are expect troebd stored by next hour. a mississippi man is back from the dead, a coroner pronounced 78-year-old walter williams dead, zipped him up to a body bag and sent him to a funeral home. a few hours later he was kicking to get out of the bag. his pace maker stopped warking and then started up again. he was taken to a hospital. his family calling it a gift from god. an ugly, ugly end to a thrilling college basketball game a new mexico state player throws the ball at a utah valley player and boy did that start a fight. at the same time utah valley fans stormed the court to celebrate their team's upset win. some of the fans got involved in a fight. no report of serious injuries but disturbing needless to say.
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this just in to cnn. the american economy is losing steam in a report that was just released the government says the gross domestic product the gdp was whittled down to 2.4% in the last quarter. alison kosik is following that story for us from new york. tell us more. >> reporter: it was expected that this number was going to come in lousy and doesn't mean this is good news. one analyst says with economic growth in the fourth quarter being revised from 3.2%, that annual rate to a 2.4% pace is just not a good sign for 2014. you can pin this weak number on americans spending less than initially thought, on big ticket items like be automobiles, appliances and electronics. businesses spent less than first thought on restocking their shelves. exports fell. so did government spending. now if you look at what's been happening with gdp over the past several months you'll see it is sharply lower from the 4.1% in the third quarter, so don't be
6:18 am
surprised if the loss of momentum spills over into the first quarter of this year, january, february and march because we got this unusually cold winter happening and that cold weather is having an effect on retail sales, home building sales, hiring and industrial production and, carol, all of those numbers, all that data, all that stuff gets factored into the big gdp numbers. so the fourth quarter of gdp still has to be revised one more time to get the final number but already the trend for that october through december period, the three months of last year, not looking good, carol. >> we just can't get out of the hole. >> reporter: i know. >> still to come the academy awards two days away. just ahead a sneak peek at the biggest night in showbiz. you get 4 lines onw at&t's network...ilies including unlimited talk
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the red carpet is out and the gleaming gold statues are shining. entertainment correspondent nischelle turner with a preview. >> reporter: actually, carol, i'm in los angeles. >> i should have known. >> reporter: i'm at a soggy red carpet. i should be singing ♪ rain drops are falling on my head ♪ because it's ominous looking and this is something that the academy producers don't want to see a lot of rain and soggy red carpet. it's two days away from the 86th
6:23 am
academy award and sometimes when you're sitting at home and getting ready to watch and trying to pick your favorites you wonder who is up against who. who is in what category. it can get a little bit overwhelming. what i wanted to do was lay everything out for you and get you ready for this sunday's show. take a look. >> jennifer, straight ahead. >> reporter: the 86th academy award is set to be hollywood's biggest party as ellen degeneres the ring leader expect nominees like meryl strep and continue to get their groove on with the talk show queen. there will be no shortage of star power. 1970s con artist are pitted against "gravity".
6:24 am
facing off against "12 years a slave," capta"captain phillips, dallas buyer's club. gold jeen globe winner cate blanchett is a contender. first time nominee matthew mcconaughey lands in the best actor category against christian bale, bruce darn, leonardo dicaprio. but this year could be all about the music. ♪ for "rail" and u2 were set to perform the best original music nominee making the oscars one of the biggest concerts. with a host like ellen it may
6:25 am
not be the winners that get everybody talking. now carol i'm not sure if you can hear we just got this like deluge of rain that started coming down here. there srk of course, a tent over the top of me but i have to tell you if this is what it's like on sunday this will not be a welcomed sight. i can add one more song and that's ♪ rain drops keep following on my head ♪ >> they need the rain in california but it's a good thing it's raining. people have to be readive. >> not this much this fast, though. >> that's a true story. >> not this much this fast. you're right. >> let's make a bet. who do you think will win best picture? >> reporter: okay. well i do believe that it's a very tight race between "american hustle" and "12 years a slave" but at the end of the day i think "12 years a slave" will win. i'll say this one caveat. those two pictures could split
6:26 am
the vote and if they split the vote we could see a movie like "gravity" come and swoop in and win best picture. so that's my little wrinkle. >> i think it's going to be "american hustle". so i bet you 20 bucks. i'll be there to collect my 20 bucks. >> reporter: this is on record. this is on television. i want my cash. >> nischelle turner many thanks. still to come, thousands of classified papers from bill clinton's presidency will be released today and they could reveal some big secrets. [ female announcer ] it's the yoplait greek taste-off. two greek blueberry yogurts, one winner. i love this one. yoplait! it's so much better than chobani. i really have to say yoplait. a winner, winner! [ female announcer ] let your tastebuds decide. take the yoplait greek taste-off! ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time,
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happening now in the "newsroom" thousands of secret memos and papers from the clinton white house finally released for the first time for all to see. plus -- >> i don't know if you know who i am. you told me you never saw "knocked up" chairman. a little insulting. >> seth rogen not laughing at the empty seat that his senate hearing on alzheimer's let the twitter shame begin. movie "son of god" in theaters today. i'm taught to the producers about how hard it was to find
6:31 am
the perfect actor to play jesus. "newsroom" continues now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. wall street looking to start the day in the red. markets trading lower at the open after a worst than expected report on the gdp. the opening bell just rang so stocks still up just bathe. alison kosik is in new york following this. >> reporter: we found out gdp took a big hit in the last three months of last year. economic growth was actually revised down to a 2.4% annual rate from a 3.2% pace. that's actually worse than the third quarter as well. this is just the second revision we still got one more to go before we get the final number of the fourth quarter of last year but this is not the trend we want to see. what happens. first consumers didn't spend as much between october and december and that spending actually accounts for the lion's share of economic activity. they spent less on automobiles, on appliances and electronics.
6:32 am
businesses didn't restock their shelves as much as they did in the previous quarter. government spending was also down. now the big worry the loss of momentum in the final end of last year could carry through into the beginning of this year especially with all the harsh weather we've been having. >> but nothing really stems affect the stock market for very long. we're in the plus column again today even though we had a lousy gdp number, right? >> reporter: true. a lot has to do with the fed. the fed is pumping the stimulus into the financial system. that keeps propping up the stocks. once that stimulus is gone all bets are off that's if the fed keeps dialing back on the stimulus. >> let's talk about you a crane now. it's ousted president has resurfaced in russia to condemn the uprising that toppled his government. he blamed the west for mobilizing for what he called pro fascust and called on president vladimir putining to act. men in military uniforms and
6:33 am
armed with assault weapons have swept into two airports in the crimea region which borders russia. no shots have been fired but it's not clear who these men are and what their intention. so let's get the latest from the pentagon and barbara starr. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning. from the pentagon to the state department, to the white house and the cia, all of washington looking at those very pictures of these men at these airports in ukraine wondering who they are and what they are up to and what may come next. what we are hearing from our sources is the u.s. does not believe that russia is planning any invasion of ukraine. nobody really thinks that's on the table. the concern is as we see these pictures of perhaps russian backed militias going these various locations in the ukraine is this the emerging russian
6:34 am
strategy to secure various individual locations and exert their influence that way. what the u.s. believes right now is vladimir putin is using all of this, the exercises, the uncertainty, the security troops to flex his muscle to show the world that russia still has the capability, not a full scale invasion but certainly the muscle and the influence to try and control events in ukraine. the u.s. keeping an eye on this around the clock, carol. >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon this morning. would they have done this to angelina jolie. i would say no. seth rogen they did. he's not happy. the actor delivered moving congressional testimony about the rising impact of alzheimer's disease to more than a few empty seats. >> after forget who she and her loved ones were my mother-in-law a teacher for 35 years then forgot how to speak, feed herself, dress herself and go to the bathroom herself all by the
6:35 am
age of 60. americans whisper the word alzheimer's because their government whispers the word alzheimer's. although a whisper is better than the silence that the alzheimer's community has been facing for decades it's still not enough. it needs to be yelled and screamed to the point it finally gets the attention and fund being it deserves and needs. >> he's trying. moving words, right? only two senators actually stayed to listen. rogen clearly cares about this issue. he was not happy about the hearing's low turn out and he turned to twitter. quote not sure why only two senators were at the hearing. very symbolic of how the government views alzheimer's. seems to be a low priority. senator kirk didn't stay for rogen's testimony and that fact wasn't lost on rogen. symbolically it hurts the cause to see that many empty seats. wish you hung around.
6:36 am
senator kirk was at most of the hearing but left for a bheegt the astronaut jim lovell. in the end senators don't care about people suffering from alsz. 5 million americans suffer from alzheimer's disease, 15 million americans care for them. you can bet more than one political operative will be awaiting a dock drop at the clinton presidential library. more than 4,000 pages of confidential documents will be made public later today and everybody is wondering whether anything juicy will be revealed. the last time those private papers were released they showed hillary clinton called monica lieu withincy a narcissistic looney tune. mark preston is cnn's political director. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. >> any hints for us? >> reporter: it's interesting, we'll see about between 4,000 and 5,000 documents that will be
6:37 am
released today. we expect 33,000 documents released over the next month so there's got to be something in there that will cause some interest. i mean this is all during the time when president clinton was president. we know that his wife was one of his top political advisors during the time specifically during the issue of health care. we're going to be looking to see what, if any things that was corresponded between her and his political advisors on the issue of health care which, of course, is president obama's key initiative right now. we'll be looking for that today and of course the weeks to come but we don't know specifically what is in these documents and as you said, we don't know what she interacted and really what these documents will show is really provide perhaps a window into somebody like it will provide a window into hillary clinton and how she is thinking specifically as the diane blair documents had shown about a month ago.
6:38 am
>> so why have these documents been kept under lock and key. why release them now? >> reporter: back in 1978 the federal government passed a law any documents that are sensitive are held under lock and key. that includes presidential appointment, anything with sensitive communication and held for 12 years. president clinton left office in 2001. those documents came up for review in 2013. they were reviewed. now a year later they decided to release them. there's nothing political in nature. had president or had hillary clinton become president back in 2008 had she won she would be a sitting president right now when these documents came up. nothing nefarious about it but she's looking to run in 2016. so there is some interesting timing behind it. >> we can't wait. cnn political director mark preston. still to come in the "newsroom" jogging through the white house,
6:39 am
dancing with vej takes. the obamas pushing to end childhood obesity. is it working? >> reporter: good morning. we'll see more of that video of the president and vice president jogging through the white house and talk about what's changed in the four years since mrs. obama launched her campaign after the break. nto traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪ there's a lot of fruits and drinks that have acids in them that you might not know about. salad dressings, raspberries, strawberries... they all have acid in them, and it's working at your enamel.
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6:42 am
. let's move. that's the message from the two most powerful men in the country in a new video from the white house highlighting the need to get out there and get active. ♪ >> is the president ready to move? >> absolutely. let's do this thing. let's move. ♪
6:43 am
>> man, you're hard to keep up with. >> after a good work out got to drink up otherwise i'll be in trouble with jill and michele. same time next week? >> same time next week. >> all right. i think the dogs were a nice touch. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the music was great too. >> it was good. it was really good. so tell us more. this is a fun campaign. >> reporter: it is. that video was part of a promise the first lady spelled out earlier this week as part of this week long celebration of the fourth anniversary of let's move. she said she wanted folks all
6:44 am
around the country to tweet pictures and video, instagram, put on facebook pictures and videos of them moving, showing how they move with t the #let'smove and the surprise this was video that they just put out showing the president and vice president jogging around the white house. >> really just changing the entire arc of their day and creating healthy environments for kids from morning to night. and i think with those small changes we're starting to make some progress. >> reporter: and some of the changes that first lady brought up this week during one of her speeches was that now big chain restaurants are offering more healthy menu, separate menus of healthy option. organizations are planting gardens at schools. she also said that water has now surpassed soda as the most consumed beverage in america. you saw the vice president and the president taking a sip of
6:45 am
water at the end of that work out. and so water she says is now surpassing soda. those are some of the changes that the first lady mentions coming out of this four year old campaign. one other bit of news is very young children, obesity rates among very young children 2 to 5 have dropped 43% in the past decade. they are not attributing it directly to the let's move campaign but this is the good news the first lady is hoping we'll see more of. >> i'm sure we'll see more of michele obama dancing with eggplants. athena jones thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom" it's being called a jesus movie for a new generation. >> i thought he did that. >> which is easier to say his sins are forgiven or saying he can get up and walk. >> is the hollywood power couple behind "son of god" next.
6:46 am
>> blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see god. >> pray to him and he'll listen. >> 5,000 came to see him. 5,000. [ tires screech ] [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned mercedes-benz for the next new owner. [ car alarm chirps ] hurry in to the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event.
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6:49 am
. "son of god" hits theaters nationwide today and some are calling at any time jesus film for a new generation. >> your sins are forgiven. >> which is easier to say his sins forgiven or say he gets up
6:50 am
and walk? >> i've had reports the young prophet of nazareth, rumored he works miracles. >> they aldo. >> blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see god. pray to him and he'll listen. >> 5,000 came to see him. >> first time in 50 years the life of jesus from birth to the resurrection has been on the big . . and buying up about half a million tickets before today's release. it is produced by mark burnett and roma downey. he produces "survivor" and she was from the touched by the angel series. i had a chance to talk to them. they call themselves the noisiest christians in hollywood. >> we are so excited.
6:51 am
we have been working on this for a number of years. it doesn't feel like work. it has been a passion to do what we love to do and to combine it with what we believe and to get to do it together. "son of god" finally on the big screen. >> do you realize that pastors are renting out entire theaters so they can bring their con gre dpag dpa gagss to see this movie together. >> it really is a movement. not only are they taking out theaters. in some cases, every single screen in a megaplex, "son of god," "son of god," "son of god." let's face it, it is one nation under god. it is a nation built pretty much on the bible. it makes sense. also, it has been 50 years since jesus life was on the big movie screen, which was the greatest story of all. so this is the new jesus movie for the new generation, 2014.
6:52 am
>> how difficult was it to find the right actor, just right actor to portray jesus, roma? >> oh, it was the most difficult piece of casting that we had to do. indeed, that we may ever have to do. we knew that we needed an actor who could be strong, who had presence and charisma on screen but who could also play tender, show kindness, have compassion. we put it out there to everybody we knew. i actually sent an e-mail out to everybody i knew on my list saying, looking for jesus. we found him in protuguese actor, diogo marguto, who gives the most beautiful performance in the center role i think his performance will be touching people for generations to come. >> a couple of things about this actor. he is a great actor. he is a beautiful guy, right? he has already inspired the hashtag, hot jesus. did you take into account his
6:53 am
sexiness, mark, when you were casting him? >> you know, it is the truth. roma said, it's going to be him before we even met him, just from having a feeling about this guy. he is a big guy, 6'3", very strong, the lion and the lamb. here is a great humility. roma says she has worked with a lot of really good-looking actors who have a swagger and they know they are really good-looking. >> he is none of that. he has a natural humility about him. he is easy on the eyes, it is true. i have to say that his beauty is not just from the outside. he is a lovely, lovely man. he has a quality of kindness in his performance and a warmth about him that i think will just allow audiences to fall in love with jesus all over again. >> you know, i'm just going to ask you this tough question. some people say he certainly doesn't look like a palestinian
6:54 am
jew and jesus certainly was. why is that? why do we continue to cast, because he looks pretty much like a white man with light brown hair. >> well, he is not. he is actually latin. he is probably the first latin guy, a good-looking guy, his hair is a little lighter. hispanic is his third language. he is a big star in brazil and spain and portugal. but he is good-looking but i think it is great to have a latin playing jesus. by the way, i think it is at over 50 theaters nationwide booked out solely for the spanish version of this. it is really historic. >> there are half a dozen religious movies to come out. some of them controversial, like the one about noah's arc.
6:55 am
yours has not been controversial. how is your different, than noah's arc would be? >> we knew that bringing the gospels to the big screen came with a big responsibility. we worked with theologians and scholars to make sure that we told the story accurately and then we applied to it all the great production qualities, special effects, on the one hand, it is this big epic thriller. on the other hand, it is this deeply intimate personal story of love but we took that seriously and we took advice on it. >> one thing, it is not just any book, correct? it is a sacred text. it is a sacred text that millions of people have willingly died for. people could have saved themselves but wouldn't. currently, billions live by it. it is not anything to mess around with. you have to be faithful to a sacred text like this. >> thank you so much. good luck with the movie.
6:56 am
we expect more to come, right? >> yes, thank you. we are super excited. we are hoping people come and bring their families this weekend to see "son of god." >> thanks to you both, mark burnett and roma downey. >> $10 fairs between europe and the united states. really? one airline ceo says it could happen in the next few years. $10 to go to europe. it has to be some kind of catch. is it real? we'll take a look in the next hour of "newsroom." ♪
6:57 am
6:58 am
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heart disease is our nation's number one killer. partly because a lot of people don't know the warning signs and wait too long to get medical help. according to the american heart association, about 325,000 americans a year die of a heart attack before they can get to a hospital. the best way to survive is to be aware of the early warning signs. today, with he decided to give you the top five, chest pain. most comes from the center of the chest and lasts a couple of minutes t can go away and reoccur. many talk about a feeling of fullness, squeezing pain that can move to the back, the jaw, or the arm. shortness of breath. this may happen with or without chest pain. cold sweats, usually come with the pain. what happens is your skin will
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start to feel cool and clammy. that sweating can cause a lot of fatigue. other signs may be nausea or dizziness. you get this feeling you can't focus. the key is to heed the signs and act quickly. i have so many patients that are reluctant to tall an ambulance. don't be afraid to call 911. get to a hospital right away. it could save your heart as well as your life. good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. ukraine's ousted president in exile. now, on the attack. this morning, victor yanukovych railed against the interim government that has succeeded him and the united states and other western powers that he
7:02 am
said tomorrow ped him. >> nobody has overturned me. i was compelled to leave ukraine due to a direct threat of my life and my nearest and dearest. >> those cold war themes play out against an ominous back drop. our men in military uniforms sweep into two airports in crimea. frederick is live to tell us more. >>. >> reporter: it is unclear who the armed men are. they are wearing military uniforms but don't have any sort of insignia to indicate whether they are russian soldiers or not. so far, the kremlin is saying they have a lot of military bases in the part of the ukraine. they were not involved in the operations at the airports. they did say they have stepped
7:03 am
up their anti-terror operations because they feel like the situation may be going out of control. they say they want to ensure the safety of that military personnel. now, as you said, the former president of ukraine, victor yanukovych, in his first time there. he has been seen since being ousted from office, came and said that he still believes he is the president. he called the opposition taking power illegal. he vowed to come back and fight. he says he wants to wait for his security situation to be such that he would be able to come back. he also accused the u.s. of instigating his ouster. >> frederik pleitgen reporting live from moscow. >> the rising tensions and cold warlike divisions between east and west are causing concerns in washington. according to one u.s. ambassador to russia, the situation should not be taken lightly. >> it is a very dangerous situation, extremely tense.
7:04 am
you have soldiers with guns, very well-armed in cremia saying they are now loyal to russia. a very dire situation. it reminds me of other parts of the former soviet union where you had breakaway regions that were in kind of suspended sovereignty, neither here nor there that eventually led to conflict. i am thinking principally of georgia in august of 2008. i am quite nervous about what is happening there. >> in the pentagon and cnn's barbara starr, what are they saying there? >> it is really interesting what the ambassador said, carol. you hear the same thing here in the pentagon. is this georgia, 2008 again when there were a series of provocations over a period of time. finally, russia chose to go into georgia. that's what worries the pentagon and many of the agencies across
7:05 am
washington. they don't see any indication of russia right now wholesale moving into ukraine. nobody thinks that is on the table. as this instability continues, as you see these armed forces at individual airports, bases, sites across ukraine, are you going to start seeing the kind of instability, potential provocation and uncertainty that then might down the road lead to russia taking some sort of security steps in ukraine. right now, the u.s. is relying totally on diplomacy along with its european neighbors and nato. we are told that is the strategy to try and calm things down and ensure that the interim you crain government can work and function and that russia calms things down. it is a hard time right now to see the exact way ahead in the coming days and weeks, carol. people across the midwest
7:06 am
and northeast are dealing with dangerous single digit windchills again. it is so cold in detroit that water mains are break everywhere. crews are on stand by to make sure they don't freeze. in california, heavy rain is threatening flash floods and mudslides across drought-stricken communities, they are urging 1,000 families to evacuate. some places in california could see more than two inches of rain. let me put it this way. some places in california could see more rain over the next two days than they have had in two years. >> this will look like niagara falls. once it gets dark and the rain starts, this comes down quickly, unexpectedly. >> a wild fire that hit the area just last month, indra petersons hats a detailed look at the nation's weather woes.
7:07 am
>> highs today will be below freezing, 20-25 below where they should be for this time of year. the bigger story is still out west. we are talking 26%. at the highest level of drought. you are talking about the biggest rain storm they have seen in three years. the ground cannot handle it. the flood concerns are high. this storm is expected to impact so many of us. once it exits california, it is going to make its way across the country. we are going to have to model. one brings a heavy snowstorm sunday and monday towards new york city. a little bit farther to the south, around d.c., we are going to have to look to see where this storm goes. keep in mind, this cold air we have been dealing with, another burst is expected. by next week, we are still going to be talking about temperatures well below normal. that means even for you, talking about below normal temperatures, making its way into the southeast. >> i keep thinking spring is around the corner, spring is around the corner. officials don't know how a
7:08 am
radiation leak in new next mexiw it started. the radioactive leak started two weeks ago in southeastern new mexico. the low-level, nuclear waste deep below the ground. residents fear no one is telling them what's going on. >> i don't think that people know what's going on. it has always been very secretive. >> workers are still being tested. more than 180 are on the job. officials say the radiation detected so far is 1/10 of what someone would get from a chest x-ray. for the first time ever, a secret recording of the u.s. supreme court in section has been leaked on line. this is a serious breach of protocol. the video is from wednesday's oral arguments on a patent case. it was posted online by a group called
7:09 am
that group is fighting the influence of money in politics. watch what happens moments later when a protester stands up to demand a change in campaign finance laws. >> i rise on behalf of the vast majority of the american people who believe that mop any is not speech, corporations are not people and money is not, to the highest. overturn citizens united keep the cap in mccutchen. >> the justices ignored him. he was escorted out. evan perez joins me live. it was interesting to see the inside of the supreme court. most people never get to see that. >> that is quite true. it is a very surreal scene. i have been turned back at the door if i didn't have the right notebook. there are very tight security restrictions on getting into that room. that's what makes this so
7:10 am
unusual. for years, the justices have had a recent ad campaign to push the issue. it has gone nowhere. it probably was his cell phone. that's what it looks like. obviously, you go to the spy wear store and you might find tiny cameras that fit. we don't know, actually. noah new kirk is charged with making a loud harangue in the area. there are all kinds of rules in this court. this is definitely one of the big ones. it has been violated, carol. >> evan perez, thanks so much.
7:11 am
still to come in the "newsroom," the president makes an emotional plea to help the young men of color to a path for success. does it come too late. we'll talk about that next. arone from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is
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7:14 am
we are hearing for the first time today those 911 tapes from a political scan that will not go away from chris christie. officials released these a short time ago. we expect them to lay out a better timeline of last year's massive tie-ups on the george washington bridge.
7:15 am
cnn is going through 20 hours of time recordings. >> manholes exploding in downtown columbus, ohio. you might expect. it is expected to be fully restored this hour. those underground explosions happening overnight. manhole covers brolown off. the local company says the blast were caused by an equipment fire. mississippi man, back from the death. they pronounced 78-year-old walter williams dead but a few hours later, he was kicking to get out of the bag. >> the mortician said something wasn't right. his legs started moving. it was not my day. i don't know how much longer he going to grace us and bless us with his presence but alleluia,
7:16 am
we thank him right now. >> williams is now recovering in a hospital. the coroner says his pacemaker may have stopped working and started up again a california school that told students to take off their american flag shirts on cinco day mayo were ordered to take off their shirts. the court said the student's safety takes precedence or their freedom of speech rights president obama making an emotional plea to help america's young men of color, urging young people to take responsibility for their lives but stressing it is also our responsibility. as a nation, we need to help these young men with the building blocks to succeed. the president revealed just how personal this issue is for him. >> when it was my turn, i explained to them, that when i was their age, i was a lot like
7:17 am
them. i didn't have a dad in the house. i was angry about it even though i didn't necessarily realize it at the time. i made bad choices. i got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. i didn't always take school as seriously as i should have. i made excuses. sometimes i sold myself short. you may remember this after i was finished. the guy sitting next to me said, are you talking about you? i said, yes. the point was, i could see myself in these young men. the only difference is that i grew up in an environment that was a little bit more forgiving. so when i made a mistake, the
7:18 am
consequences were not as severe. i had people who encouraged me, not just my mom, grandparents, wonderful teachers and community leaders. they pushed me to work hard and study hard and make the most of myself. if i didn't listen, they said it again. if i didn't listen, they said it a third time. they would give me second chances and third chances. they never gave up on me. so i didn't give up on myself. i told these young men my story then. i repeat it now. i firmly believe that every child deserves the same chances that i had. >> joining me to discuss this program, michael blake, senior adviser for operation hope and cnn's don lemon. welcome, gentlemen. >> good morning, carol. >> this program is called my brother's keeper.
7:19 am
how does it work? >> they are figuring that out now. basically, it is very simple. what the administration is doing is overseeing a number of different organizations through philanthropists and financiers. they are going to take programs, mentoring programs, grooming programs, programs across the country that are working and successful and try to repeat them in as many places as possible using the money from the organizations. that's basically what it is. the president's words were so emotional. some said it should have happened a long time ago.
7:20 am
why didn't it? >> let's focus on what is happening right now. i was at the white house where the president made clear that you matter, regardless of your circumstances your situation. you matter. we are not just going to talk about it. we are going to be about it. the california endowment, operation hope, let's elevate those that are fighting for these communities. when you have 1 in 3 black men that are born recognizing they may go to prison, 1 in 4 latino men, something has to happen. my brother's keepers is saying, you matter. >> as you well know, it takes more than money and programs to solve racism. do you think the president will continue to be vocal, to be blunt. is this a time to be america's black president?
7:21 am
>> i wrote a commentary and did a special last night and said, today, barack obama, became the black president, meaning he became the black president that he mentioned he has been criticized about this, it came a little bit too late or what have you. it doesn't matter. now that we are here, let's figure out where we go. he became the black president, not in a bad way. he realized he is in a unique position to help people who are like him but help a group of people who need the help the most. when the auto industry needed help the most, he bailed them out. that did not mean he was president just for autoworkers. when financiers needed help, it didn't mean he was just president for wall street. he realized at that particular moment that this particular group needs my help. that's why i said he became the black president. that's not such a bad thing.
7:22 am
i think he realized these young men are ut mattly his legacy. what was the spark that made the president came out and announce this initiative in such an emotional way? >> for so many of us, that are a part of the obama family, i directed african-american and minority business outreach, we have been working on how to fight for the community across the board from the inception. when the trayvon martin verdict came out, it sparked something. i saw so many members who demonstrated this is the moment where we have to fight for so much more. last night, i had a chance to speak with ron davis, the father of jordan davis. he said, this shows us that we matter. for someone like me from the bronx, like the president said, from his community as well, you have to fight for our
7:23 am
communities. we go from no house to the white house and now we go back to your house right now. >> michael and carol, here is what i think happened. i know he mentioned trayvon martin. that was important to him, because he came out and spoke and was very candid. he went into the briefing room and spoke about that. the think the moment was when a group from chicago called bam, becoming a man, they bought a father's day card for him. the mentor didn't know the kids were bringing it. they signed the father's day card and gave it to him in the oval office. they said, i have never signed a father's day card for anyone, the kids in the oval office. the president looked at them and said, you know what, i've never signed a father's day card as well. i think he realized at that moment that he grew up without a male role model, without a father in the home. they grew up that way and they
7:24 am
were a kindred spirit. he is in a unique position to help them. thats wa t that was the bigger impetus. >> this program, will it last beyond president obama's term? >> absolutely. this is a continual legacy. bringing together allies to say let's make sure we keep in mind the anniversary of the civil rights act to be in a place where we have an african-american president standing up and saying, i'm going to fight for you. this goes beyond the pregnancy. elections do matter. it is going to be excited about that. other, we are doing this work to make sure our communities understand that you have a fighting voice and you matter. >> i know you have to go, carol.
7:25 am
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moments ago, a new york jury acquitted kerry kennedy of driving while impaired. join me now, ashleigh banfield of host of cnn's "legal view" along with jeffrey toobin and jean casarez. is jeffrey toobin on the phone? that's why i don't see him. >> ashleigh, let me start with you. >> they just decided that what
7:29 am
her lawyers had put in court before them sounded pretty darn plausible, that is that she mixed up medication in the morning, instead of taking a thyroid, she took an ambien and set out for her day of errands, including going to the gym. who takes an ambien with plans to go to the gym. once on the highway, while drivinger rat particularly, her experts clearly convinced this jury she couldn't be responsible for knowing she was driving erratically because of this drug. they just decided that that sounded plausible enough to them that there was reasonable doubt that these prosecutors said, she is a kennedy. they quoted her book to seek truth for justice in their closing. this he decided that her defense sounded like something they should understand. >> when you say she was driving erratically. she was driving a lexus suv and swerved in front of a tractor-trailer, right? >> and there was a crash but no
7:30 am
w one was hurt. this is a critical issue. this is an interesting defense. this kind of drug has what you called an amnesia effect. this jury believed her expert. they did not believe, necessarily, what the prosecutor's expert was trying to primulgate. on this particular drug, she wouldn't have been aware she was driving erratically. >> you talked to kerry kennedy in the courtroom. what did they say? >> i was just in the courtroom when that verdict rank out. the jury deliberated about it, an hour and 10 minutes. i asked kerry kennedy, has this experience changed you at all. because this could be life changing in one way or another. she was a defendant in a courtroom. that has never happened before. she said, it really hasn't. she said she is not angry at all. she is just so grateful for the jury, grateful for the court officials. i saw some things a minute ago. i have never seen in a courtroom
7:31 am
before. number one, the courtroom erupted into applause. it was from the side of kerry kennedy. she stood up after the jury left the room. she walked over to the prosecutors. she shook their hands before she left the courtroom. >> you are right. that is quite unusual. both things are. i just wanted to say, it was obvious she was driving impaired, driving a vehicle. they couldn't show beyond a reasonable doubt in the minds of this jury that she knew she had taken ambien before she got on the road or while she got on the road. it was the defense expert that won the day here. >> jeffrey, there have been some people that say she was only charged in this case because she was a kennedy. >> i certainly think that is a possibility.
7:32 am
this was a very weak case. her story was very plausible. the two pills looked somewhat alike. why would you take an ambien? why would you drug yourself, nothing yourself out when you were going to the gym? it doesn't make a lot of sense. the whole issue in the case was intent. what was in her head? did she intend to take a drug that knocks you out before driving? she had a very plausible story, very plausible defense and it just doesn't seem like this case made a lot of sense. some sort of lessor charge, not a misdemeanor, some sort of violation, drunk driving ticket, seems like it would have been a much more sensible way to resolve this, rather than forcing her to go to trial on a misdemeanor. >> kerry kennedy, cleared of all charges. the jury found her innocent, acquitted her. ashleigh, i'm sure you will be
7:33 am
talking a lot more about this. thanks to all of you, ashleigh banfield, jeffrey toobin, jean casarez. we'll be right back. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything.
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>> after more than 12 years under wrap, thousands of papers were bill clinton's personal library will be released. the clinton library will release 4,000 documents in total, 33 documents. they are looking for anything juicy. i want to ask peter hamby, is there really anything we don't know about the clintons? >> that's a really good point. they have been in the public life for so long. they volunteered on george mcgovern's campaign. there is plenty we don't know about hillary clinton. they have stage managed and
7:37 am
carefully crafted a public image. what we try to do as reporters is try to learn more about these people personally, get inside their heads, see what makes them tick. this is why those documents that were released a few weeks ago, that the so-called blair documents that were uncovered by the washington freebee con were so interesting. there might not have been a lot of news in there. we got so to see how hillary clinton thought in talking to her friends. these memos, thousands of documents coming out after being 12 years withheld are a series of memos from white house advisers to and from each other, to and from bill and hillary clinton we don't exactly no what they are going to say. we can kind of gleam some behind the scene thinking from the clintons and perhaps get their insights into some of the policy battles that shaped the clinton years, including health care, which continues to be a relevant issue today, carol. >> it is interesting these
7:38 am
33,000 documents are being released now in light of the fact that hillary clinton will probably run for president in 2016. >> this does have nothing to do with politics. this is conveniently timed. they are really interested in record keeping and the national archives and record act. that's what's governing the release of this document. that expired. so now they are coming out. interestingly, both officials from the clinton world and president obama's white house do have some jurisdiction over these documents before they are released to the public to keep certain things perhaps sensitive or classified information or deeply personal information private. these documents do post online at 1:00 p.m. today and at the clinton library in little rock
7:39 am
and as you mentioned earlier, people from both sides of the aisle are going to be combing through these documents and we will be here as well. >> peter hamby, thanks so much. the two most powerful men in the country are proving, no one has an excuse to get moving. >> this new video put out by the white house ends with the president and vice president drinking a glass of water in the oval office. hey, after you run, you should drink water. it is all part of michelle obama's let's move campaign. the first lady was also moving around. she met with some washington area school kids and was making her mark by dancing with giant vegetables. a good optic, isn't it? we'll be right back.
7:40 am
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7:44 am
performance in dallas buyers club. >> i am still on drugs and welcome to the dallas buyers club. >> reporter: the oscar-nominated star is loving this. >> you have to be happy. >> i am. i have been doing this for 22 years. the first time going around the award season with a film and some performance that has had some light shown on it. i am enjoying it. >> reporter: matthew mcconaughey, one-time king of the romantic comedy now proving he is a hollywood heavyweight. >> reporter: we have known you as the romantic comedy guy. was it a conscious decision to say, let me pull away from those and move towards? >> i didn't know what i was going to move towards. i had a pretty good sense i needed to pull back on what i had been doing. i didn't work for two years. somewhere in that two years, i think i gained a little anonymity. i became some people's new fresh good idea. i went to work.
7:45 am
>> good meds out of mexico, better than what you can get here in the states. >> reporter: went to work on smaller films with grittier roles. >> enjoy your life. >> reporter: dallas buyers club wasn't an easy sell. hollywood turned the film down more than 100 times before mcconaughey finally got it made. >> reporter: you have said a time or two to me that you feel like this movie is about living and wooddrif was a man that celebrated life. >> he fought for it. i don't know about people celebrating it. he did everything he could. i know i have had times myself where you are faced with death or someone near you dies. you start grabbing a whole lot more to life immediately after that. >> this seems to be exactly what he is doing while still taking time to remember how he got here. >> reporter: when did you first know, i want to be an actor? >> i think it was about a week
7:46 am
and a half into shooting my first movie. i was supposed to shoot for three days. i had three scenes with a few lines and the director kept writing me back and writing me a $ $320 check every day. they said, you are good to this. i said, i would love to do this. is this legal? >> mcconaughey is a charmer, an easy knack for telling a good story but recognizes his good fortune. >> reporter: i have a quick fortune, advice is like kissing. it costs nothing and is a pleasant thing to do. what's the best advice you have ever received. >> the best advice i have ever received, do it with pleasure. >> reporter: thank you, sir. i'll see you oscar night. >> yes, i will see him oscar night with all of his other fellow best actor nominees.
7:47 am
that's bruce stern, leonardo dicaprio, christian bale, in "american hustle." this is one have o the most highly contested races of the night, carol. i think that actuallily, iy, ite best one of all. >> i'll let you get out of the rain. we'll have more on the oscar-nominated star of "dallas buyers club." check out matthews mcconaughey, 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn have [ female announcer ] crest presents: crest 3d white whitestrips vs. a whitening pen. i feel like i'm going to miss a spot. i think you actually might have. i feel like my lips are going to, like, wash it off. these fit nicely. wait, it says to use up to four times a day?
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all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? the federal deficit plunged by more than $400 in the last fiscal deficit. the sharpest drop since the end of world war ii. alison kosik is in new york to tell us why this happened. >> the federal budget deficit is at its lowest level in five years. the deficit is the difference between what the government spends and takes in. that dropped to $680 billion in 2013. to give you some perspective,
7:52 am
during the financial crisis, it shot up above $1 trill in 2009 as the economy tanked and government bailouts became the norm. here is why it is happening. the economy is getting better over the last few years. the deficit has been shrinking. also, we are paying higher taxes. all that means more revenue for the government. the government has cut back on spending. the republicans, they still insist that the budget deficit is still too large. if they are looking for a fight, they may not get it. congress agreed to a bipartisan budget deal. mid-term elections are coming in the fall. a strengthening economy is removing much of the budgetary brinkmanship we have been suffering from the last few years. >> i'm sure somebody will think of something. >> alison kosik, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," jesus has returned to the big screen and congregations are renting entire
7:53 am
theaters so their parishners can see "son of god" together. i will talk to the pastor of one megachurch next. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss
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7:56 am
"son of god" hits theaters today. some are calling it the new jesus film for a new generation. the first time in 50 years, the life of jesus, from birth to rest are your section, is making for some hype. churches, student groups are renting out entire theaters to screen the filamenl the theater. rave johnston is the senior
7:57 am
pastor of bayside church. he joins me now. welcome, pastor ray. >> it is great to be with you. >> why did you decide to buy all these movie tickets? >> the first reason we decided to do it is i got to see a preview of the movie and talk to mark and roma, to be honest, it was the first jesus movie i actually went, man, they actually got it right. almost every movie i have seen about jesus, it just doesn't look real. it is like the prozac jesus and his clothes are white. they actually got it right. a fresh generation will like this movie. >> why is it important your parishioners see this together? >> we have always been a church for people that don't like church. there are a whole lot of people that go to a movie theater to catch a glimpse of jesus way before they would go to a church. we bought out the entire theater and told our folks, go get
7:58 am
tickets to this thing and bring anybody you want. we had more folks show up at the theater that would never dream of going to a church to catch a glimpse of who jesus really was. the movie does a great job painting that picture. >> a lot of young people aren't so religious anymore. is it your hope that this movie might draw younger people in to see what jesus was like? >> you know, actually, you bet. i think the church has somehow communicated it is not about jesus, it is about stained glass hymns and things like that. billy graham said, if you want to know what god is like, take a good look at jesus christ. this movie is going to help people do like that in a way that maybe it will feel like it is communicated about i a typical church. >> so you are saying the jesus in this movie is much more human, accessible than in movies in the past. >> the moving scene for me was when jesus is getting arrested and he is going to be killed.
7:59 am
peter whacks off this guy's ear and jesus goes up to his enemy and heals his enemy. somehow we have lost that kind of compassion in that culture. i think young people are going to resonate with that kind of thing. jesus is attractive and irresistible if somebody will take a good look at him. >> there is another religious movie coming out called "noah." it has not been well-received by the christian community. why do you think that is? >> unfortunately, a lot of christians are known for what they are against, not what they are for. i'm going to go see the "noah" movie. at least it creates conversation. it is one of the reason we bought out the whole theater. christians are really good at criticizing hollywood. we ought to be the first people when hollywood does something well to jump on board and support it. >> pastor rajy johnston, it wasa
8:00 am
pleasure. >> thanks for joining me. >> "at this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. kerry kennedy, the daughter of sen. robert kennedy, found not guilty of driving while impaired. we'll look at why the jury made this decision in just a moment. the e-mail rejection shaking up a generation. are mel inales entitled or inappropriate? we'll discuss. what did paula dean mean when she compared herself to that black football player who recently came out? is this the best path to image rehab? hello, everybody. i'm john berman. it is 11:00